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Irrelevant Love

Is for poetasters Pretending to Shed a tear or two For a much worn habit That refuses to go Despite the hurt and pain Or maybe Because of it. Last year it got the measles, and has been going around

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It was Tiny’s birthday yesterday, but he’s gone. I haven’t seen Tiny since day before yesterday. And I so miss him. We went out in the morning, jingling his jar of cat food and calling out his name, but no

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My Kids’ First Birthday

Recently I celebrated my kids’ first birthday. It was on April 24; yes they share their birthday with Sachin Tendulkar. It also happens to be the death day of the multi millionaire Baba Sathya Sai. Whatever that means – As

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Sow a seed and let it grow. All you need is an idea. Your idea. Stride the blues on the wings of your idea. Take to the air, take flight, soar and forget. Let there be no memory. Evaporate from

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Of Bad Neighbours and Bad Dogs

I’m in a quandary now. Not that this ill luck’s dropped suddenly on me – but that I was not moved enough to blog about it before this. I have two dogs that I had rescued last year from a

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