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Changing Lines

I am at that stage of life where one needs to stop and think, casting emotions aside. Trying to evaluate my emotions and decisions at a certain point of life, which I still feel strongly about, is a difficult job.

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No Time to Grieve

I was told that ancient Hindus allowed time for everything. In life one was expected to experience all the emotions – joy, sadness, anger, fear, hope, betrayal – and that, they believed, was the key to self-realisation. As an apparent

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Confessions 2

This past week has been quite overwhelming in terms of self-realisations. And before things go out of hand, I thought I’ll get a handle on myself and do an exercise in humility. Here are a few humble pies I’ll eat

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My Family and Other Animals (Part 1)

So what if the title isn’t original? It’s just what I mean; if only I could add some punctuation to express my exasperation and disbelief with the way things tend to shape up around me. Here’s an update for the

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Gnawing Time

Someone died while coming to work today. We work in the same place, although I don’t know him. And even as I write it, time hangs still in the air. I’m unable to push this memory of a person I

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