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In the afterglow Of all things dead and dying I feel the hunger of a lighted pyre Devouring all that was Till┬áthere’s no more. I’m the scream that tore the skies At the altar of the terrible one. I’m the

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The Media Broth(el) Brimmeth Over while the Social Media Sings

The Indian media has come in for a lot of flak in recent times. In Left Liberal circles, this is mostly attributed to a spike in jingoism ever since Narendra Modi rode to power in Delhi. But I’m Right (of

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Thoughts on PK – Some Questions for Raju Hirani and Amir Khan

PK is a thought-provoking movie. It’s thought-provoking enough to lead me to write this post although I’ve watched several thought-provoking movies in the past without making an effort to write about them. But PK is special. The official trailers described

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Remembering 26/11

It was a usual day in 2008. I was ready for work, plugged in my earphones and listened to the radio as I waited for my bus outside my hostel in Kolkata. And instead of the songs, that terrible news

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Everything is not for Sale

Several years ago, my friends and I went to visit the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra. A stranger there offered us this stone along with two palms full of raw, uncut amethysts. I don’t know where the other stones are but

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