The Itch

It’s back.It’s always been a feature of my psyche for as long as I know myself. Sometimes it’s like a craving emanating from the pit of my stomach; sometimes it’s like a swarm of bumble bees humming inside my head, screwing my sleep; sometimes it’s oppressively sad – I see decay everywhere; and sometimes it’s super happy – and I see red!

To summarize, it ain’t anything that drives a normal person. And to make it worse, this time it’s a combination of a number of things, which makes me unable to make up my mind. As I stand and stutter, I’ve decided to spoil myself with celluloid.

After months of toiling, I’d finally managed to get a CD version of Guru Dutt’s Kaagaz Ke Phool. People don’t like to buy or rent good ol’ black-n-white movies it seems. Good for me, errr in the manner that the water from a well is as sweet as the labour expended in drawing it. (Hat tip: the divine de-Saint Exupery)

What followed was a virtual orgy in planet Guru Dutt. I followed it up with Pyaaasa, Chaudhvin ka Chaand, Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam, and even the commercial ventures CID, Baazi, Aar Paar, Mr and Mrs 55 and Baaz.

Guru Dutt

He to me: Smoke in style, always.

I’d watch one movie every night till 2 am, go to work, work (!), look up every bit of information about the previous night’s movie, listen to its songs on YouTube, and go nuts. If Bollywood can be this good, well, I might as well grow some fledgling wings.

Alarm bells start ringing in my head before and at the same time that I try to take my thoughts forward. Instability and romance has been the ruin of many a good folks, I chide myself, and resign myself to YouTube videos. Life clearly seems to be happening elsewhere.

Of course I knew about my itch for the longest time, but never before had it been a problem in my life, except maybe now. Chicken me. Worse, being up to my neck with Dutt, and brimming over, I’m unable to write a review!


Hi, I'm Sampurna and I'm from India. I love to write, paint, and play with my dogs. Catch up with me at Halfastory's Blog. Happy reading!

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7 comments on “The Itch
  1. Misaal Shah says:

    You do get most of Guru Dutt and Dev Anand’s torrent’s online. If you are okay with illegal downloading as per current definition.

    The Itch, your better off without G.Dutt movies, any obsession or fixation is unlikely to be resolved by taking solace in someone who never conquered his.

    It’s easy to drown oneself in his movies, more so the time, I think.

  2. Sampurna says:

    My dear Misaal Shah, you sure sound like one who’s been there. hmpf! And yeah, I think Dev Anand’s 50s and 60’s flicks are going to be next stopover. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Misaal Shah says:

    Whatever your wound might be, a part of you wants to stay there, that part that wants to suffer. Almost, as if you think it’s that suffering that makes you different than everyone else. Makes you special. Maybe, because you think you deserve it.

    Mind you, pain is as good a fuel as any.

    After a while. You realize its an abyss. And just like you write, it can ruin lives.

    Sorry, If i read too much into your “Itch”, above is how I feel about mine.

    May I suggest. Bimal roy’s – Parakh 1960, You’d be surprised as to how one can relate to the plot even after 50 odd years. Also Do Bigha Zameen, although I haven’t seen that myself, but given his body of work. I think, it would be a nice watch.
    Not too big on Dev Anand’s movies, like his bobblehead, though.

  4. Sampurna says:

    Thanks for your recommendations – I’ll look them up.
    As for your reading of The Itch, it’s startlingly real. Conflict is painful and tiresome; more so when choice entails a loss. However, I’m happy to find temporary oblivion in celluloid – great movies command a sort of surrender that’s hard to find in any other pastime. Good for me.

  5. Mohit Jain says:

    Hi…!! Must say you have gone with the super versions of Bollywood….composed with drama, thrill n romance altogether….!! Its not just a saying that “Old is Gold”, u truly realize the value when its the best option you can have at a certain span of time….Keep enjoying the stuffs….!! Lot more to have on…Liked the way u dealt with…. 🙂

  6. irfan says:

    i always admire the way he used to portrait the intense romance in his movies…..and no need to say that within his short life, Guru Dutt created some of India’s most socially-conscious movies like Pyaasa, Kaagaz ke Phool and couple of others too……

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