It was Tiny’s birthday yesterday, but he’s gone. I haven’t seen Tiny since day before yesterday. And I so miss him. We went out in the morning, jingling his jar of cat food and calling out his name, but no luck. I hope my li’l Tiny is safe and having fun somewhere.


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13 comments on “Tiny
  1. Balu says:

    Pass my birthday wishes to Tiny when it comes back home.

  2. christine says:

    Come home soon, Tiny! It’s a big, big world for such a little love.

  3. Hello Tiny, you’re sooo sweet 🙂

  4. xartpunkartx says:

    my best wishes for tiny !

  5. rastelly says:

    I had one that disappeared for mounths at
    a time – we had to get him fixed because of
    all the injuries he got in fights – but he came

    What is it about orange cats that makes
    them so special? Chi is an orange mackeral
    tabby that followed my brother home from a
    walk mewing at the top of his little lungs – he
    is big now but never lost his kitten voice
    dad calls him squiek – he is the only cat
    dad has ever gotten along with.

    • Sampurna says:

      OMG my Tiny too has his kitten voice and that’s one of the sweetest things about him! And he too mews loudly in protest when he’s too hungry or when I give him a bath. He’s the only talking cat I’ve ever known and we’ve had such long, nice conversations. I wish he’d come back!

      • rastelly says:

        be sure to check for anywhere he might be trapped –
        Chi would get stuck in a neighbors garage with their
        poodle – the dog was in love with him – sometimes chi
        gets stuck in our store room for a day are so – that
        tiny voice is hard to hear. he dissappeared on many
        occaisions, mostly because he wold lose his collar
        and somone’s kid wanted to keep him. Now that he
        is older and is fixed it doesen’t happen quite so much.

        My other cat is a green eyed blue pigmy panther I
        call Mage. He never shuts up – but it’s mostly demands
        for attention – he will bite you if he doesen’t get it – and
        his voice is an irritating shout that could wake neighbors
        if he’s mad enough. His most frequent sines of affection
        are mutilated animals dropped into your lap. I worry about
        chi following him off some nights – Mage courts danger –
        but if he is in trouble people will hear him.

      • Sampurna says:

        We looked up and down and even took our dogs to let them smell him out… but no luck. I’m too scared that our neighbours may have done some mischief. Some of them are pathological. Or he may have been chased away by the bully tomcat in our society. Tiny’s always scared of him so much so that after a bad chase, he often refused to go out, and we had to take him out for reconnaissance on our shoulders 😦
        There aren’t unused garages/warehouses around our place. Mostly it’s crowded with residential buildings and shops. But it bothers me how he’s managing all by himself in this heat. It’s like 45/48 degrees C during the daytime!

  6. rastelly says:

    If he stays gone much longer you could spread some
    flyers around – they say you should start early – though
    people think your crazy if it’s only been a few days, but
    if you want your actions to be effective the sooner the
    better, just don’t offer a reward, or more importantly
    don’t tell people there’s a reward. I’ve heard that
    can lead to a hostage situation. Take care, let
    me know if you find him. 😦

  7. Devlina Ganguly says:

    Come back home Tiny…and hope you are doing good wherever you are…lots of love kiddo…

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