I had started painting this piece in a flight of fancy. I’m a quick painter; that may be a good thing or bad — depending on the result. As far as this is concerned, I painted as long as the fancy lasted.
It was the middle of summer. I had a good day, and was almost willing to dose off after a good meal when something buzzed inside my head. Can’t quite remember if I wanted a smoke, but owing to my history of addictions, I thought it would be a good idea to essay it in colours!
I wanted to create a playful layer — obvious enough for anyone to catch the meaning, yet challenging to execute and blend in. I did that through the naturalistic hand and the accentuated poster-like background. Turn the canvas around, and you may find a different story! Don’t forget the two moons drooping over the pairs.
Play is a commentary on my life — where I come from, there are these huge factories and plants. Fine art has little or no takers. And where I am now, there are these terribly cold, air-conditioned offices. And yes, fine art has little or no takers. But that doesn’t confine me. I paint what I see and feel — and welcome you to do the same.


Hi, I'm Sampurna and I'm from India. I love to write, paint, and play with my dogs. Catch up with me at Halfastory's Blog. Happy reading!

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6 comments on “Play
  1. nice painting, is it on a canvas?

  2. Balu says:

    Hi Sampurna,
    It’s one of the good paintings from you. I visited your portfolio before stopping by your blog. Your posts are good to read !!

  3. xartpunkartx says:

    I do like this piece of art very much ! especially the colors are chosen very well and I do like the idea of turning the canvas 90 degrees to have another point of view. nice !


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