Rakhi Ideas

I can do with some good news now. I realise I’ve been doing heavy duty here on my blog pages for months together. And so, here’s a breaker.

Owing to my boyfriend’s absence from the scene and Rakhi having fallen on a convenient Saturday, the stage was set for an eventful morning.

Last night, as I struggled to stay awake past midnight and still working – I realised that I have – yet again – failed to send a Rakhi to my brother in time.

And to my utter embarassment, I recalled – while half-asleep – that I had purchased two ridiculous Rakhis several weeks back for the express reason that ridiculous Rakhis look Oh-so-pretty on my pets.  And thanks to my relentless brain, I almost began to plan all the things I could do with the two Rakhis, while all the time ruing that I should have kept track of dates and sent one to my brother.

Of course I was also ruing the fact that I have two Rakhis for three pets – so that called for some quick thinking on my part to make up for the missing Rakhi.

This seems to be the usual scenario whenerver it comes to my failing to do the needful at the right time. And I know if there’s anyone in this world who will forgive me my faults – it’s got to be my dogs. So this is what happened today.

Idea! Tiny's got a fresh new flower Rakhi

Idea! Tiny’s got a fresh new flower Rakhi

Pony shows off his new Rakhi to Tiny

Pony shows off his new Rakhi to Tiny

Nenny - pretty as ever - although the Rakhi on her ear was short-lived

Nenny – pretty as ever – although the Rakhi on her ear was short-lived

And so I tied it on her tail the second time round

And so I tied it on her tail the second time round

A closer look

A closer look

And Action!

And Action!

Let me explain this for the uninitiated. On the occasion of Rakhi, which always falls on a full-moon night, Hindu women pray for the well-being of their brothers and celebrate the day by tying ornamental bands – Rakhis – to their wrists. Traditionally, only men wore Rakhis, symbolising their commitment to honour and protect their sisters. But now even women wear Rakhis as the festivities get more and more secular.

The secular twist to the Rakhi festivities was introduced in Bengal by Tagore and other nationalists during their protest against the British government’s decision to partition Bengal into eastern and western provinces. To this day, Rakhi remains largely secular in Bengal – where women tie Rakhis on anyone they consider a brother – and not necessarily a Hindu.

So here I am – the dyed-in-the-Bong-blood mother of three animals with my Rakhi ideas. I’ll wrap up quickly before my friend arrives – a madcap woman who promptly agreed to go out with me this evening to celebrate sisterly love!


Hi, I'm Sampurna and I'm from India. I love to write, paint, and play with my dogs. Catch up with me at Halfastory's Blog. Happy reading!

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4 comments on “Rakhi Ideas
  1. Kannav says:


    It was a lovely article to read and I would like to share this article on our Facebook page.
    Please let me know if we are free to do that?

    We are also looking for a blogger who could contribute fresh and naive ideas so you could contact me through email or you could contact me on 9646419048 for a discussion.


    • Sampurna says:

      Hey thanks for writing in. Sorry about the delay in response, but sure, you can go ahead and share this piece. Please include a link to my blog if you do share. As for sharing ideas, I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking for. Maybe you could share some details?

      You can share details directly by mail at sampurna.lahiri.83@gmail.com

  2. Hi Sampurna,

    I liked your article very much and have shared your images & this article on my fb page https://www.facebook.com/ThePets.in/

    I hope you don’t mind.

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