My Kids’ First Birthday

Recently I celebrated my kids’ first birthday. It was on April 24; yes they share their birthday with Sachin Tendulkar. It also happens to be the death day of the multi millionaire Baba Sathya Sai. Whatever that means – As a fond mother, I have great hopes of them, for more reasons that their internationally acknowledged birthday. Just to get the record straight – April 24, 2010 was the day I found two sad little puppies sleeping right in the middle of the driveway of a petrol pump. They were born in a litter of ten, and completely infested with fleas. I found their sickly mother harried by the other pups – and in an impulse, brought them home. They were about three weeks old then, and would probably not have survived much beyond. Today, Nenny and Pony are two lovely dogs and I am so proud of them. I’ll post some of their pictures here. For those reading this post, I’d say – Please adopt stray animals instead of paying premium amounts for pedigreed ones. You don’t need to do it from impulse. But if you want an animal to love, please give that love to one that needs it. And now, the pictures!

Birthday Boy Gone Crazy Chasing Leaves

Lovely Nenny Smells the Rain on Her Birthday

Birthday Ball

And finally, here goes some of their photographs from a year back. I keep looking at these over and over!

Nenny and Pony Sleeping – A Couple of Days in My House

Picture Perfect Pony – About 2 Months

Pretty Woman Nenny – About 2 Months

Now I know that what they say about loving animals is true. Until you have loved one, a part of you remains unawakened.


Hi, I'm Sampurna and I'm from India. I love to write, paint, and play with my dogs. Catch up with me at Halfastory's Blog. Happy reading!

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2 comments on “My Kids’ First Birthday
  1. xartpunkartx says:

    how are your lovely dogs doin’ now in 2012, a year further ? I love to see dogs grow and become soulmates. a good friend of mine has a sweet 5 year old dachshund lady
    (similar to this one: and I love her, she is my soulmate for years now. raising dogs is wonderful.

    all the best for you and your lovely dogs !


    • Sampurna says:

      Thank you for asking. My dogs are two years old now and doing well. We were too overwhelmed with work and other stuff, so although we celebrated their birthday and had a small photoshoot, I haven’t been able to work on the photos and post them here. I’m so happy that you’ve turned up to ask! 🙂
      I’ve been going through your blog now, and I’m truly impressed. Never thought one could do so much with collages. All the best to you too.

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