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That Time of Year – Filing Income Tax

What can be more annoying than filing income tax returns? And even as I write it, I cross myself for not being a Human Resource executive drooling day-in and day-out over musty papers. And I detest that term – Human

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To the Women of my Life

They’ve been with me inside-out. It began with my birth, and continued through my growing up years, and even later, when I was too proud to listen to them. They saw through the dust and grime when the world turned

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To Her Who Gives Me an Uneasy Conscience

Ever since I became a mother—of two adorable canines—one of the most overwhelming feelings I experience is the lack of time. I get time to think and reflect only when I’m travelling to and from work. I get immense pleasure

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Questions and Crises

Action She notices my obvious discomfiture and approaches me. I try to look away. But before I’m able to put up a solid act, she’s extended her scrawny palm before my face. So close that I can smell the dust

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