Touched by Midas

Beware, everything he touches turns into gold.
You can see the lime green wall shimmering with golden shadows on it. The afternoon has cast a spell and you are in the grip of its transforming power.
He stares at you from his stupour. The pistachio coloured t-shirt stretches across his chest as he swerves to make a move. You swerve too and your faces meet in mid-flight. Hungry eyes beat down your hair, your neck and your arms down to the quivering muscles in your legs. You breathe in quick gasps; your eyes dart towards a shrill coo near the window; half a second, and you are caught in a swirl of overpowering energy. You are too deep inside the throbbing vortex to escape. Yet, you must break the walls. The churning walls seep hardness into your soul.
You can feel your breath going out. You’ve never felt stronger before – your legs so confound you. The beads on your forehead skitter down your silken cheeks as you discover your arms locked in his embrace. Golden flakes spurt forth and land on your arms, your hair, and eye-lashes. The pistachio green eats into your eyes. You gasp, and with a last wild swing of shoulders, you break free of the embrace. Instantly, the coiling walls fall apart like foaming waves. Green melts into green in a flurry of golden flakes.
Shaken, you watch the falling action. The afternoon drags on as the green and gold storm dies down in your little room. A terrible cooing rends your hardened soul. Startled at the coarseness between your fingers, you look around. Golden shimmers hit your eyes like pinheads. Your lips are dusty too, in the wake of the storm.
“Is this a dream?”, you wonder. You have to find an answer, and he is the only one who knows. You look around again, this time for him. There lies Midas, in a heap of liquid gold, his eyes closed. You move towards him. He does not respond. Tentatively, you sit down beside him. You cannot touch him of course – for if you do, he will turn you to gold. So you settle down, that afternoon, awaiting his next move and the answer to that question which will show you your place in the world.

Hi, I'm Sampurna and I'm from India. I love to write, paint, and play with my dogs. Catch up with me at Halfastory's Blog. Happy reading!

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2 comments on “Touched by Midas
  1. packosix says:

    God! and you met Midas!
    but it would be so perfect to freeze your love story in gold and be with him forever… guess you prefer to live on and be real 🙂
    glad to have you back 😉

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