Still pond gaping at the skies

Thirsting endlessly

Moments before a shower

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I hunger for you
On sleepless nights, staring at
A not-yet-full moon

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Vanishing Act

Life is a vanishing act

One trembling leaf at a time

Fades and falls away.

And what of death then?

Young people think it’s the end

But the dying know better

Longings and regrets

Raging in the dying light

Of the final act is death.


Ever youthful

Every moment is death.

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I’m singing a heartache honey

Through the rain and the sadness

I’m going home in the dark honey

Home from the cliff you left me

I’m watching the stars turn honey

Under the vast empty skies

I’m smiling as you leave honey

For all roads lead you to me

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One little piece at a time

I throw to the wind

My story shred in tatters

They swirl gently down

Tiptoeing to a lover

I watch from above

The beauty of abandon!

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